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Superior Strata specialises in the management of the following complexes: residential; commercial; retail; mixed use; serviced apartments; retirement villages; caravan parks; resorts; and BMC’s.

1. Residential

Everyday Management of an Owners Corporation can be quite tricky, effective management can often become a complicated practice to comply with all current legislation and policies and it usually requires constant guidance from a strata expert. Superior Strata is experienced in dealing with the complexities of complying with strata title legislation as well as the day to day issues in strata properties.


We can provide reliable up to date compliant proficiency to take the worry out of everyday management of your Owners Corporation.

2. Commercial


Superior Strata works closely with their commercial strata schemes to help their commercial clients as best as they can and to understand their specific needs. Superior Strata will always ensure your commercial strata scheme is professionally managed.


Commercial strata company management is notably distinctive in comparison to the management of residential strata schemes.  Superior Strata can help you manage your commercial schemes.


Superior Strata is literate in management and the maintenance of common property, we have sound knowledge in relation to the legislation affecting commercial strata schemes and are familiar in the areas of other aspects of management such as Government Regulations and OH&S Legislation.

3. Industrial

Just like Commercial Strata, Industrial Strata Management has its own unique sections of the strata legislation and regulations, here at Superior Strata we make sure to comply with both.


Special attention is paid towards Contracts management, Security, Fire Safety, Local Government Regulations and Workplace, Health & Safety Legislation.


Call now to discuss your unique requirements.

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