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Levy Notice

Your levy notice will be forwarded to the address you have provided us approximately between four and two weeks prior to the due date.  This is not a legal obligation, the quarterly levy notice is a courtesy reminder to all owners.  The notice will list items like levy due date and amount to be paid into your strata trust account for your administration and your sinking fund; and if any - interest on any previous outstanding contributions and miscellaneous charges.


All Levies are due on the first day of the quarterly period - or any other period as voted upon by the owners corporation at your meeting.


Special levies are due on the date shown on the notice, which will be the date that is voted upon by the owners corporation at your EGM.


Take the whole levy notice intact with your payment to any Australia Post office.  Australia Post will give you a customer receipt which must be retained as proof of payment.


If necessary levies can also be paid by forwarding your payment along with your levy notice strip/Deft details (the bottom part of your levy notice) to our office at PO Box 598, PANANIA NSW 2199.  Please note that your payment could be delayed due to the postage process.


Any cheques sent to our office to pay for levies should be made payable to your Strata Scheme or Association not to your strata manager.


If payment is not made one month after the due date, interest is charged at the rate of 10% in accordance with relevant legislation and the outcome of your Meeting’s.


If you have any queries regarding your levy account, contact the office on 8599 9999.


For any other enquiries, contact the strata manager for your scheme.

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