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How to Pay Your Levies


The quickest way to pay your levies is by either to pay via DEFT Online or DEFT Phonepay.








Pay over the internet via DEFT Online at by direct debit or credit card. Paying by credit card may incur a surcharge which is paid to DEFT Payment Systems and not your strata plan.


To pay by direct debit, you will firstly need to register your bank account details at or complete a Direct Debit Registration Form.  Contact our office on 8599 9999 for a copy.


Once registered for direct debit, you will be able to make one-off levy payments or schedule future payments. You will also be able to view your schedule of past and future payments. You remain in complete control of when and how much you want to pay.





Pay via DEFT Phonepay by direct debit or credit card by ringing 1300 301 090 or International +612 8232 7395, you will need to pre-register your bank account details at


If you have any problems contact DEFT Payment Systems on 1800 672 162, or our office on 02 8599 9999.


By contacting your personal participating financial institution you can make payment from your cheque or savings account only.


When prompted, simply enter your biller code and your customer reference number shown on your levy notice.  Your payment will be credited to your levy account overnight, however, if you make your BPay payment after normal business hours, most financial institutions will not process these payments until the next business day which means your levy payment could be delayed, always record your payment and receipt details.


DEFT Online

DEFT PhonePay

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